Laboratory of Aging and Neurodegeneration


Recent Publications

Sepulveda J, Kim JY, Binder J, Vicini S, Rebeck GW, 2024, “APOE4 genotype and aging impair injury-induced microglial behavior in brain slices, including toward Ab, through P2RY12,” Mol Neurodegen .

Pandit H, Jones N, Rebeck GW, 2024, “Obesity affects brain cortex gene expression in an APOE genotype and sex dependent manner,” Int J Obes .

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Ng CAS, Biran LP, Galvano E, Mandelblatt J, Vicini S, Rebeck GW, 2022, “Chemotherapy promotes astrocytic response to Ab deposition, but not Ab levels, in a mouse model of amyloid and APOE,” Neurobiol Dis 175:105915. PMC9794416.

Sepulveda J, Luo N, Nelson M, Ng CAS, Rebeck GW, 2022, “Independent APOE4 knock-in mouse models display reduced brain APOE protein, altered neuroinflammation, and simplification of dendritic spines,” J Neurochem 163:247-259. PMC9613529.

Jones NS, Watson KQ, Rebeck GW, 2021, “High fat diet increases gliosis and immediate early gene expression in APOE3 mice, but not APOE4 mice,” J NeuroInflammation 2021 Sep 18;18(1):214.  PMC8449905

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Yang FN, Bronshteyn M, Flowers SA, Dawson M, Kumar P, Rebeck GW, Turner RS, Moore DJ, Ellis RJ, Jiang X, 2021, “Low CD4 nadir exacerbates the impacts of APOE e4 on functional connectivity and memory in adults with HIV,” AIDS 35:727-736. PMC8318747


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